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Kutani Flower Pair Wine Cup - Japanese Kutani Store (6601246245024)
Kutani Flower Pair Wine Cup - Japanese Kutani Store (6601246245024)
Kutani Flower Pair Wine Cup - Japanese Kutani Store (6601246245024)
Kutani Flower Pair Wine Cup - Japanese Kutani Store (6601246245024)
Kutani Flower Pair Wine Cup
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This pair of Kutani ware wine glasses features a colorful floral pattern.

You can experience something extraordinary, different from drinking from clear wine glasses, and enjoy drinking at home more.


Size (D) 2.8inches x (H) 5.9inches
Material Porcelain (Kutani ware)
Origin Made in Japan, in Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Dishwasher: Yes(Hand wash is recommended for long time use)
  • Please do not use harsh detergents and do not wash too hard.
  • It may be some difference in the design, because each product is a handmade product.


Shipping Fee & Discount

We offer a discount on shipping fees when your total cart price is over US$45(About 4,950Yen).
Furthermore, when your total cart price is over US$350(About 38,500Yen), we offer additional discount.

Area Purchase Price:Shipping Fee

Under US$45:US$20

Over US$46:US$15

Over US$350:US$10

North America

Under US$45:US$40

Over US$46:US$30

Over US$350:US$20


Under US$45:US$40

Over US$46:US$30

Over US$350:US$20

Other Areas

Under US$45:US$50

Over US$46:US$40

Over US$350:US$30

※Fee is calculated by 1 US Dollar as 110 Japanese Yen.



We deliver your items in perfect condition by packaging carefully. We usually only have a trouble less than 1%.

packaging carefully


Delivery Time

We work hard to deliver your order to you as soon as possible. We usually ship your order on the same day or the day after your order is placed. If shipment takes more time for any reason, we will contact you with details of the delivery time. After shipment, carriers usually deliver within 2-8 days. Delivery time may vary by destination.

Please note : Because of Covid-19, deliveries may take more time.


Delivery Method

We deliver via DHL or EMS(Japan Post) which provide express and secure delivery. To use tracking services, please visit the DHL or EMS website.

Please Note : Due to the current COVID-19 situation, a courier must/may leave your order at the door outside to avoid direct contact. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items after the notification that your order has been delivered. In order to securely receive your order, please manage your schedule to receive your order in person.


Import Taxes & Customs Duty

Customers may be required to pay customs duty when buying products from foreign countries. We do not have any control or responsibility regarding customs duty. In case the parcel was returned(or discarded) by the customs office(or the carrier) because the customers did not cover the duty, the order shall be deemed to have the customer's approval of cancellation.

The aforementioned costs include sales tax in the country of receipt (applied to the total value of the order), duties on the cost of products (around 6% for the European Union) and any other fees applied by the shipping provider.

DHL typically sends an invoice a few days after delivery. EMS (JP Post) generally charges the required sum at the time of delivery.

Regarding ‘Airmail Small Packet’: you will generally be billed by your national carrier when applicable.

We understand some customers may be concerned by custom fees. However, we hope you will be reassured in knowing that when buying on Kutani China Store, you are ordering directly from Japan, receiving original, authentic Japanese items that are not easily found anywhere else.

You can view Import Tax and Customs information for your country by clicking on the flag icon located at the bottom left of your screen.

For customers located in the United States: Most packages with a declared value under $2000 USD will be cleared without any fees. We ship to the US daily and have never experienced any issues with customs.

For customers located in Australia: Orders less than $1000 AUD are regarded as 'low value imports' by Australian customs. As of 01 July 2018, customs duties may apply to any goods imported from overseas by consumers in Australia. To learn more, please visit the Australian customs website.

For customers located in Singapore: Orders above $400 SGD require payment of any and all applicable duties and the GST. To learn more, please visit the Singapore customs website.

For customers located in Canada: Orders above $20 MAY require payment of any and all applicable duties and the GST. To learn more, please visit the Canadian customs website.

For customers located in EU:

EU Directives use a combination of the price of the product and shipping fees to determine the ‘Total Value’ of the order.

- Orders with a Total Value of 22 Euros or less: Exempted from both tax and import duty.

- Orders with a Total Value between 22 and 150 euros: Buyers are held responsible for payment of consumption tax.

- Orders with a Total Value greater than 150 euros: Buyers are held responsible for payment of both consumption tax and import duty.

Additional information regarding the importing of goods to:   Switzerland   Germany   United Kingdom

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Kutani ware is a traditional Japanese craft with a history of over 360 years. Kutani ware is characterized by its vivid colors. Kutani-yaki is extremely popular not only in Japan but also overseas.


Just by changing your usual tableware to your favorite Kutani Yaki, meals can feel more delicious. 

At our store, in order to make the wonderful Kutani ware more accessible to people outside of Japan with almost same price as buying in Japan by yourself.

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