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Hanazume Kutani Ware Mugs, Plate etc : The Kutani style perfect for your collections

You can't go wrong with Hanazume Kutani ware as a new addition to your precious Japanese Kutani collection. If you love flowers or have a habit of collecting porcelains like Kutani, this is for you. Add these Hanazume Kutani tea sets/cups, plates, or bowls and experience the elegance of the Hanazume style.


What is the Hanazume style?

Hanazume is one of the traditional techniques or styles of Kutani ware. Shiro Mizuta introduced this Hanazume style in 1913 in Kanazawa. 

Artisans use the same method in making Hanazume Kutani ware like any other Kutani. In the Hanazume style, floral patterns and golden pattern lines cover the entire surface. These designs make Hanazume attractive and uniquely elegant.


Popularity of Hanazume style Kutani ware

One of the most notable Hanazume Kutani ware was a premium-handed Kutani flower vase during the Taisho period. The vase has unique colorful flower patterns and golden outlines, a distinct feature of the Hanazume style.

Now, people overseas are attracted to Kutani-yaki due to their vivid colors and elegance. These Japanese designs painted over each piece are works of art of the modern master craftsman.


What is Kutani ware?

Kutani ware is porcelain pottery with overglaze painting. 

It is popularly made in the southern cities of Ishikawa Prefecture. It has gained popularity around the world. It is a one-of-a-kind dinnerware that enthusiasts go to lengths to collect.

There are several Kutani ware styles, and one of them is the Hanazume Kutani style. Learn more about the other popular Kutani styles through this link.

To make a Kutani ware, professional artisans use plain white ceramics as raw material and paint the piece with a pattern of komon. Afterward, they paint them individually to form the outline using zafre with cobalt oxide. The ceramic is then placed in the kiln allowing zafre to turn dark in color. This process and usually takes up to seven hours.

Artisans again paint the surface of the piece with patterns. The stokes determine the final design and the colors of the ceramic. That is the whole process of creating a unique Kutani ware. 

Nowadays, some artisan uses electric kilns to minimize error.


Hanazume Kutani Products

Here are some Hanazume Kutani products you would love to add to your cart. Just a quick note that most Kutani wares should not be placed in a Microwave oven. Designs also may vary since they are handmade through the traditional technique of making Kutani ware.


Kin Hanazume Kutani Ware Side Plates 5 Set



This set of plates has the popular Hanazume pattern of flowers and a gold base. It has the striking contrast of the black ground and the floral-patterned piece. Just a quick note that the design might vary since it is handmade.

You would love your meals with your family using these side dishes.


2. Kin Hanazume Kutani Ware Mug Cup



This Hanazume Kutani ware mug cup is perfect for your daily cup of tea or coffee. You would love its gold lines and flower patterns. 


Kin Hanazume Kutani Ware Pair Cup



This cute hanazume Kutani pair of cups is perfect for your alcoholic beverages. Gold and floral patterns are perfect for your night out. There is nothing better than having your favorite drink together with your loved one’s n using this pair cup.


Kin Hanazume Japanese Sake Cup Set Kutani Ware - Syuki Tokkuri & Ochoko -



Speaking of alcoholic beverages, here is the Kin Hanazume Japanese Sake Cup Set. This sake cup would make the best gift for your sake or alcohol lover friend. 


Kin Hanazume Kutani Ware Pair Cup & Saucer



This Kin Hanazume Kutani Ware Pair Cup & Saucer is a perfect gift idea for couples and spouses. Who would not be thrilled to use this pair cup and saucer with Hanazume features of flower decoration? It’s classy and gorgeous and makes life richer.


Where to buy Hanazume Kutani wares?

There is no other perfect place to buy your favorite Hanazume Kutani wares is through the Japanese Kutani store. Visit their website: kutani-ware.jp. You can also find other Kutani products on the website. Find the cost of products in their detailed description.

Japanese Kutani store accepts various currencies and offers shipping discount on a purchase of over $45. Not only that, but Japanese Kutani store also provides free shipping on purchases over $350. DHL or EMS are the shipping provider. Delivery time and shipping fee of these Japanese items may vary depending on the location.

Hurry! Buy your favorite Hanazume Kutani product now before they are out of stock.


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