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HAREKUTANI, Finest Porcelain Kitchen Kutani Ware Made in Japan

Having fine dining specially at home is important specially for kids it is a repeatable experience they will remember as they grow. A bonding that they’ll cherish and help them develop different attitudes and skills. Preparing the table needs delicious and nutritious food and to add an extra to this we use our most expensive and treasured kitchen wares from plates to glasses. 

In Japan the use of porcelain in kitchen wares is so popular that even in other countries it is phenomenal. This is one of the souvenirs that tourists have been eyeing to buy when visiting Japan. They were buying it not just because of its undeniably high quality and design but because of the story it possesses. Since  the pandemic started every border of each nation has closed, which has affected the tourists visiting every place and this also affects the selling of this kitchen wares. But there's a way for you to purchase these again, read on to find out where to find this Porcelain Kitchenware made in Japan once again.



Going back to where it all began it is an adaptation of a 350 year old tradition while doing some innovations. Back in the Edu period at the year of 1655 Toshiharu Maeda got interested in the discovered pottery stone, this is called the “KUTANI”. Since then the Kutani ware was established, by his order Saijiro Goto worked on to learn the pottery and the Kiln was established at the Kutani area. But after all the hardworks and successful Kutani ware (Ko-Kutani) pottery in the early 1700’s the Kiln was closed suddenly without a formal reason. 

Kutani Area is now the popular land of Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan, at the same land the rebirth of Kutani ware began. After hundreds of years since the unexpected close of Ko-Kutani a lot of Kiln was established to again blossom the colorful and unique designs of Kutani ware. These are Yoshida Kiln, Miyamotoya Kiln and Eiraku Kiln. 

The rise to fame pump up when they got the opportunity to represent the Japanese pottery at the 1873 World Exposition exhibit.  From then onwards the exportation of Kutani ware around the world started. They were known by the unique and colorful design of five colors such as red, yellow, green, purple and blue (Kutani gosai). 

Known as the Japan Kutani in other countries, in 2017 another  ware under Kutani ware started to gain popularity. The Harekutani ware there mission is to bring Kutani ware to life in a casual manner. The combination of traditional Kutani Japanese paints and techniques together with the designs and shapes. They also use the traditional basic colors “Kutani Gosai”. Delivered to your door with an original charming box or wrapped in a Furoshiki wrapping, so it will also be perfect as a gift on any special occasions.


List of Harekutani Ware Products

We showcase Harekutani wares best selling products to you, from bowls, dinner plates to drinkware with different designs and colors to choose from.

1.Small plates:HAREKUTANI Small Plate in Apple Shape Butterfly Pattern Kutani Porcelain

Harekutani offers nine small plates that have different colors, shapes and designs. You'll get hooked on it since it was all calming just by just looking at it. These come in:
  • an apple shape with butterfly pattern, ladybug pattern and flower pattern, 
  • a set of 3 plates with round shape with spring flower pattern available in color red, yellow and green,
  • Fish shape available in two colors red and yellow perfect for those who love cooking “love to see fried fish in this”, and
  • In a cute cat shape available in three different colors blue, green and red. 
All are made of porcelain and are microwavable safe.


2.Mugs:HAREKUTANI Mug Cup Butterfly pattern Pink Kutani Porcelain

They offer two mugs with two different colors of butterfly pattern blue and pink. These designs help you to feel relaxed while sipping your coffee. All are made of porcelain and are microwavable safe.

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3.Rice bowl:HAREKUTANI Rice Bowl Vegetable Pattern Kutani Porcelain

In Japanese tradition serving the rice has a separate bowl. Here the Rice bowls are important; they come in different designs but the same shapes and sizes in particular. Harekutani rice bowls have vegetable designs with different colors that will add the extra flavor on your table. Made of porcelain and Microwavable safe.

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4.Tea cups and saucers:HAREKUTANI Tea Cup & Saucer Blue Bird Kutani Porcelain

These tea cups and saucers designed with blue birds flying in the sky might be on your list. The cup size is 3.1 x 2.6 inches while the sauer size 4.7 x 0.7 inches, perfect for your tea time.

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5.Bowls:HAREKUTANI Middle Size Bowl in Petal Shape Kutani Porcelain Blue

You can choose between these two simple but beautiful medium size bowls in petal shape and flower pattern available in blue and pink colors. All are made of porcelain and are microwavable safe.

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6.Dinner plates:HAREKUTANI Daruma 3 Sections Serving Plate Blue

Available in two different colors blue and red these dinner plates are perfect especially for kids. This plate has three divisions which can be used to serve different varieties of dishes. It’s design is a Daruma doll, a Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma the founder of Zen tradition of buddhism.

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Where to buy HAREKUTANI?

Kutani ware are being sold world wide in large numbers each day. Here in Japanese Kutani Store we offer you the different available Harekutani wares which can be avail at the same price as you buy inside Japan comes with a free gift Furoshiki wrapping a Japanese traditional gift wrapping technique.

Aside from Harekutani ware we also offer different collections of Kutani wares made in Japan. Visit us at our official website https://kutani-ware.jp/ and enjoy the privilege of discounts in shipping fees, Express shipping of about three to eight days after your purchase and don’t forget to join Japanese Kutani store club to have a chance to get different coupon you can enjoy on your next orders.