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Seiko kiln and their Innovation in the Kutani Yaki Ware Industry

Seiko kiln exists to create a more modern Kutani ware using the styles of previous generations. If there is one word to describe Seikou kiln Kutani wares, it is greatness.


The history of Kutani and Seiko Kiln


Kutani wares

The art of Kutani ware-making dates back to 1655 in Ishikawa. At the end of the 16th century, the region became a domain of the Maeda daimyo and pursuit cultivation and cultural pursuits.

Maeda Toshiharu, the first lord of the Daishouji domain, initiated the porcelain production triggered by the discovery of the stone in making porcelain. He ordered Goto Saijiro to learn how to make porcelain leading to the birth of a kiln in Kutani village. This occurrence signifies the beginning of Kutani ware production.


Seikou Kiln


Kutani making takes a long process of gathering the materials to firing glazed pottery and final steps to completion. A kiln holds a significant function in hardening and drying the shaped porcelain. This importance brings Seiko kiln its purpose.

Seikou Co Ltd is a third-generation pottery kiln. The kiln is family-owned founded in the early Taishou era around a hundred years ago, in 1935. They specifically opened in Terai-machi, Ishikawa prefecture. 

Seikou strives to create better modern Kutani wares using the traditional Kutani ware-making styles at a low cost to everyday life. 

The first generation of Seikou was a Kutani craftsman in Terai, currently known as Nomi City. They made a living selling Kutani ware in the Shiga prefecture and neighboring areas.


Seiko Kiln Manufacturing Process


During their time, glittering Kutani called “Saisyoku Kinrande” was very popular. Seiko kiln focused their Kutani using Japanese paints on the other hand. They were devoted to the study of Japanese paints.

They also have researched Japanese overglaze paint of Kutani ware for years and developed Wa-style paints and transfer printing sheets in-house.

Soon, Seikou kiln introduced the technology of screen printing. This screen printing works through the use of transfer paper. This process was an innovation in the Kutani ware industry in manufacturing. 

The process took a lot of insistence. The final processes are done manually by human hands.

Their process of making Kutani was different than other Kutani ware makers.


Guiding Principles

Seikou Kiln abides by its three principles. 

  • "Expression which inherits Ko Kutani by using Japanese overglaze paint."
  • "Consistent with improving quality of Kutani ware as a craft."
  • "Offer unique elegance of Kutani ware at a reasonable price which is acceptable for the market."

Seikou kiln aims to make high-quality Kutani ware available to as many people as possible at a reasonable price by combining silk printing and traditional handwriting techniques.


Aote Style and Design

Seiko kiln is elated with their Aote style Kutani ware. Through decades of research, they have created elegant Kutani handicrafts with unique color tones. They continually pursue designs and shapes with modern feels.

Aote style featured a dramatic overglaze green enamel decoration. With the Nuriume technique in painting, Aote style leaves no white space covering the entire surface with brilliant overglazed enamels.

Aote style expresses a bolder design and rich coloration.

With Seikou’s innovation using printing paper, they achieved a high-quality product. Glassy glaze and thick overglaze par with hand paint quality of work. 

This style has even garnered numerous awards like the Japan Tourism Agency's "Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest" and the "Gourmet & Dining Style Show.


Seiko Kiln Kutani Porcelain Products

Japanese Kutani Store features a wide variety of your favorite Kutani wares. They have a variety of Seiko kiln Kutani wares too. Visit their site to know more about Kutani wares and the promotions they offer.


Here are some of the Seiko Kiln Kutani products they feature on their website.



Seikou Kiln, Auspicious Pictures, Small Plates Set(5 Plates)

Auspicious images on each plate bring good fortune! Five small plates each have a unique and colorful Auspicious image and transparent texture crafted by a Kutani ware traditional method called Gosai.

Beautifully designed plates make your meals more enjoyable and delicious. They also make excellent gifts. These plates can be used for sharing sides or sauces.


Seikou Kiln Small Plate Old-kutani (Ko-kutani) Japanese folk tales Style Kintaro

This small plate Kutani ware is a charming work of Seikou kiln. 

The depth layers and transparency of overglazed paint please the eye. 

This dish features the story of Kintaro playing with bears and monkeys. Wouldn’t it be cute for your daily use or a gift to a friend? It would be perfect for your appetizers or desserts with its size of just 5 inches. Visit this link and add this to your cart now!



Kutani Earthenware Small Box Flying Plover over wave


This Seiko Kutani Earthenware small box will surely make your pieces of jewelry or other accessories in place and never be lost again. Not only it would prevent losses, but you may also use it with your condiments and delicacies. It features bold and splendid designs of Kutani in one lovely-sized Kutani ware of 3 x 1.8 inches. Grab one now through this link.


Rectangular Kutani Plate Brassica Rapa


This Kutani plate features a turnip in the middle complemented by the plate's decorated sides. This plate is one of the works of Seiko kiln using their in-house developed Japanese paints creating a transparent and deep layer of paint and overglazing. This rectangular Kutani plate greatly matches the food you bring out to your table complementing the bold designs of the Kutani. You can purchase this product through this link.


Kutani Serving Platter Akae Gold-painted Porcelain

This Kutani serving platter is your best option to make your table more elegant. This platter features red paintings with gold brocade made from the traditional ways of Kutani ware making. Brighten up your table and surprise your guest with this new addition to your collection. What are you waiting? Visit this link and add this to your cart!


Kutani Oval Pasta Bowl Rose Pattern

Pasta or Salad? No problem. This Seikou kiln Kutani oval pasta bowl is perfect for it. Made by Seiko kiln with their uniquely developed paints gives this bowl's unique vibe. You might think of sharing this with your friends as gifts. Buy this pasta bowl through this link.



Seikou Kiln is one of the best manufacturers in the Kutani ware-making industry. Their innovation on the manufacturing process on transfer paintings sheets using their self-developed Japanese paints. Aote style is the trademark of Seikou kiln featuring a dramatic overglaze enamel and the Nuriume style of painting. Their works are proof of unending learning and research in the Kutani-making field following their three guiding principles. This is to provide the elegance of ko-Kutani at an affordable price.