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Where to Buy Kutani Ware in Hong Kong

This article will introduce you to stores where you can buy Japanese Kutani ware in Hong Kong, as well as stores that sell Kutani ware for Hong Kong through their online stores.

It will also explain why Kutani ware is loved all over the world.


Kutani Stores in Hong Kong

If you are looking to buy authentic Kutani in Hong Kong, you may find them in a few stores. While online shopping is great, building trust takes time. The following stores in Hong Kong source Kutani porcelain from Japan and have some of the most beautiful pieces in stock.


Monoyono HK

Located on Causeway Bay, Monoyono HK is a large store serving hundreds in the vicinity. This store offers unique and colorful Kutani porcelain designs. They have a large social media community that is closely related. With thousands of positive reviews on Google and social media platforms, Monoyono HK offers value to all its customers.

Apart from offering Kutani porcelain manufactured in their factory, Monoyono HK also has some Old Kutani pieces in store for their customers. If you wish to source a piece that you have seen somewhere online, you can contact them for it. With strong connections to several kilns in Japan, Monoyono might be able to get you authentic Kutani pieces.

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Fishpond Hong Kong

Fishpond Hong Kong has been around for a long time with products sourced from every corner of the world. The impeccable service has resulted in Fishpond to become a very trusted company that has gained popularity when it comes to authentic products.

The selection of Kutani at Fishpond is vast with a variety ranging from bowls, mugs and plates from the Ko-Kutani era. Every product is sourced from the valleys of Japan and rest assured, you would always find authentic Kutani Yaki products on the website.

Fishpond has a large network of suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers in Japan and the rest of the world. Since its been 14 years in the business, Fishpond has gained experience from sourcing and selling only authentic and original products of Kutani. The Kutani Yaki and Ko-Kutani ware and porcelain are sourced from kilns established in Japan.

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Japanese Kutani Store

You can buy kutani ware directly from Japan on Japanese Kutani Store. There are genuine kutani wares including plates, vases, cups, bowls, chopstick-rests etc. Affordable price and fast shipping.

The online store is translated in traditional Chinese and English.

You can enjoy kutani-yaki shopping without visiting Japan.

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Why Kutani Porcelain is so popular around the world?

Kutani porcelain is a Japanese craft that has a rich history dating back over 360 years. Kutani stands out from the rest of Japanese ceramics with its vivid colors and intricate designs. The art of Kutani is so unique, that there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world.

The popularity of Japanese Kutani porcelain goes far and wide across the world – not restricted to Japan alone. People love to add vivid colors to their dinner table and present their meals to family and loved ones in a different way. The best thing about adding Kutani Yaki to the dinnerware is that every meal feels a lot more delicious, delicate and luxurious.

In the 18th century, when Kutani was revived after two centuries, Kutani ware and porcelain was considered a status symbol. Even today, the addition of Kutani pieces in a home symbolizes character and high taste. The presence of Kutani Yaki at a dinner table gives every meal and gathering a traditional and personal touch.


A Traditional Touch in Every Meal

Kutani art is all about stories being passed down from generations over centuries. Having the presence of intricate at the dinner table leads to quality time. It results in strengthening the bond between families as stories are shared over meals. Kutani ware is a great way to convert everyday simple meals into special occasions.

When the world was hit by the global pandemic of COVID19, most families reunited around the world. It resulted in finding the lost bond between families and loved ones. Many reverted back to doing what was more important – strengthening the lost connection with loved ones.


Reconnecting Over Art & Food

Since people had more time to focus on their relationships in the midst of uncertainty, many found themselves in the kitchen. Finding a new hobby with family members while cooking. Similarly, many people picked up cooking as a hobby and went back to recreating their life.

In these situations, Kutani Yaki added stark colors to the creation of these memories. People were able to create their own stories with food served in these beautiful dishes. This resulted in Kutani art becoming a part of the family’s heritage.

The Japanese Kutani Store ensures that everyone around the world can make Kutani ware a part of his or her own heritage. We make sure that those who love this traditional and unique art have access to genuine and original Kutani ware. The prices are close to what is offered when buying from Japan itself. Japanese Kutani Store is committed to making all possible efforts to ensure that Kutani art reaches every home in the world


Why People Love Japan

Japan is a welcoming country with innovation and technology, which is unmatched. Traveling to Japan is a treat for every tourist and those who live there never want to leave. There are many reasons why foreign employees and international students want to make a life in Japan.

Being an advanced country is one thing, the people of Japan are very welcoming and peaceful. The opportunities offered in Japan in terms of jobs, studies and wellness cannot be found anywhere else. With the focus on mental wellbeing and physical fitness, Japan offers everything.

A tourist traveling to Japan will find unique locations that are breathtaking. With mount Fiji being a symbol of Japan, tourists also find themselves in paradise under the cherry blossom trees in the spring. Moreover, the safety of Japan is another reason why tourists love the country! It is perfectly normal for young children to travel on the subway on their own and shop owners to leave their shops unlocked at night.

Shopping in Japan is another reason why people love the country! Every nook and corner of the country is filled with cute surprises for tourists. Cure characters that are native to Japan can be found on everything – yes everything! Take Miffy or Doraemon, for example, Japan has stores dedicated to their native characters.

The country takes its creations, arts and history very seriously. This is the reason why Kutani porcelain is very dear to Japan. With a rich history that talks about the success of the Kutani art, Japan still has plenty from the Ko-Kutani era.


Japanese Cuisine

The food of Japan is very unique and loved worldwide. With food comes its presentation and background story. Tourists are able to enjoy sushi conveyer belts and sake bars that are native to Japan. The authenticity of Japanese food in unmatched anywhere else in the world. Travelers also love the street food at takoyaki in Osaka.

Moreover, the opportunity to indulge in Kaiseki food is not found anywhere else. Kaiseki food is a traditional form of cuisine that has evolved over thousands of years. The ingredients found in Kaiseki are unique and not available in any other part of the world.

Every restaurant, big or small offers the best and authentic sushi, tempura and ramen. Moreover, the konbini food is prepared daily using fresh ingredients. The drinks are also unique to Japanese taste and authentic – like the country itself.


Unique Experiences of Japanese Cuisine

Since the food in Japan is different, the way it is presented is also unique. The dinnerware is not the usual bone china cutlery found around the world. Food in Japan is presented in beautiful Kutani porcelain that adds colors and flavors to every meal.

The intricate designs of nature, Japanese culture, historical figures, Gods and even famous Japanese characters can be found on these pieces. The vivid color combination is a remarkable sight with touches of gold and red that adds luxury.

Kutani is now available around the world, but the question of its authenticity remains. Not all Kutani available is original or sourced from Japan. Only a handful of online shops offer authentic Kutani sourced from Japan. However, we at Japanese Kutani Store source all our products from Kutani kilns in different cities around Japan.


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