Your Favorite Kutani Porcelain is in Australia Stores - Japanese Kutani Store

Your Favorite Kutani Porcelain is in Australia Stores

Are you in Australia and loves Kutani ware? This article is for you.

Several stores in Australia now have Japanese Kutani porcelain collections. A proof that businesses have seen the demands of Kutani ware in the market.


Kutani ware in the World

Kutani ware is a valuable product for both collectors and non-collectors alike. No one can deny that Japanese Kutani ware's popularity has spread worldwide in the past years. Kutani ware porcelain is simply stunning!


Kutani ware in Australia

In Australia, you can easily purchase Kutani ware porcelains. You can buy them either via online stores or physical stores. If you have the luxury of time to visit Australian stores selling Kutani ware, then it would be better for you to check these stores:


1.Japanese Kutani Store

Japanese Kutani Store

The Kutani collection of some physical stores is varied but you might not get what Kutani you are specifically looking for. Also, buying through physical stores is beneficial as we can attest to the quality and originality of the Kutani ware. There is a danger of buying a fake one online. The great news is that we have the Japanese Kutani store. 


Japanese Kutani store has a variety of Kutani wares in their collection. 


They are selling genuine Kutani ware porcelains made in Japan. Visit their website and see their rich Kutani collection.


They ship worldwide as long as DHL or EMS (Japan Post) can handle them. These services provide express and secure delivery. 


In Australia, the shipping fee can be as low as $30 but depends on the cost of your order. Surprisingly, they offer shipping fee discounts for orders over $45.00. 


Take Note that Australian customs consider orders less than AUD 1000 as 'low-value imports.' As of 01 July 2018, customs duties may apply to any goods imported from overseas by consumers in Australia. To learn more, please visit the Australian customs website.



Namiya is a newly established store in Brisbane. They have two physical stores located at Level 1,322 Moggill Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068 and 358 Mains Rd, Sunnybank QLD 4109. 


This shop owner draws inspiration from the novel, “The Miracles of Namiya General Store,” published in 1980. This novel is about a store that accepts letters from troubled people who leave them through a post hole seeking guidance. The store would then later respond to their letters pieces of advice. This owner hopes that it could bring the concept in the novel to life, capturing customers not just through retail sales but also emotionally.


Namiya products are made and designed in Japan. They sell tableware, ceramic products, and Japanese kitchen and cooking tools. Mino yaki / Bankoyaki/Arita and other ceramics factories in Japan manufacture their products.


Speaking of Kutani, they have a wide range of Kutani ware porcelains such as tableware to vases.


They also have a website. Try to visit and browse through their page. They offer shipping rates starting from $10 and free shipping for orders $99 above for those residing anywhere in Australia. 



3.Hibiki Future

Hibiki Future Store is in Melbourne. You can visit them at 1159 TOORAK RD | CAMBERWELL. 


Hibiki Future Store is not your typical Japanese store since it is also a coffee shop. They sell coffee beans, Japanese groceries, brewing equipment, and knives.


This shop is not specifically selling Kutani wares. However, they have a couple of Sake Kutani set in their store. If you are in Australia looking for a Sake Kutani ware set, this store is the place to find them.


You may also visit their website at to see their whole product list.




Keke and Kaka is a gift store established in 2016. This store is at 317 High Street, Northcote, Vic, Australia.


They sell Japanese-style gifts and kitchen porcelain,soft toys and wooden toys, puzzle and board games, clothes and socks, Backpacks and wallets, stationery, and decoration.


You can purchase cute Kutani ware porcelain, pottery cups, and home decoration gifts in their store. You may also try visiting their website




 Right now, there are only several stores selling Kutani ware across Australia. The number starts small but it could be more than this number in the future as the number of Japanese stores that Australia has. The Kutani ware industry is still growing in Australia and worldwide.