Kutani Wakasa-nuri Chopstick Seikou Kiln Flagstone Pattern - Japanese Kutani Store (6745533022368)
Kutani Wakasa-nuri Chopstick Seikou Kiln Flagstone Pattern - Japanese Kutani Store (6745533022368)

Kutani Wakasa-nuri Chopstick Seikou Kiln Flagstone Pattern

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Wakasa-nuri chopsticks by Seisakugama, a famous Kutani-yaki kiln. Wakasa-nuri chopsticks are lacquered chopsticks produced in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture. Because they are resistant to water and heat, Wakasa-nuri chopsticks are widely used as daily necessities, and Wakasa-nuri chopsticks account for most of the nuri chopsticks produced in Japan. Another attractive feature of Wakasa-nuri chopsticks is that each craftsman's individuality is strongly expressed, as all processes are carried out by a single craftsman rather than by a division of labor.

This plate is the work of Seikou Kiln, a famous kiln for Kutani-yaki color painting. The uniquely developed Japanese paints, with their transparency and depth of layers, enhance the charm of the work. The traditional patterns that have been created over the past 360 years have been harmonized with the modern world to create products that are pleasing to the eye. Blue Suburban Kiln These products are recommended for both daily use and as gifts. Please enjoy the elegant texture with a sense of dignity.


Size 9.1inches
Material Wood
Origin Made in Japan, in Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Dishwasher: Yes(Hand wash is recommended for long time use)
  • Please do not use harsh detergents and do not wash too hard.
  • It may be some difference in the design, because each product is a handmade product.

What is Seikou Kiln

Seikou kiln was opened in Terai-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture, in 1935, and its main purpose has been to create more modern Kutani ware using the styles of previous generations.

We are particularly proud of our blue hand Kutani yaki ware, and we are constantly pursuing designs and shapes that appeal to modern sensibilities, as well as creating elegant and profound handicrafts based on the unique color tones that have been developed through decades of research.


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